Interface ApplicationListener

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public interface ApplicationListener extends EventListener
Event listener interface used for notifications about the application.
  • Method Details

    • onApplicationStart

      void onApplicationStart(ApplicationEvent evt)
      Triggered when the application is started. This event is triggered before any object initializations occur within the application (including auto-start servlet initialization). This method is the perfect place for applications to register for other events and to setup the application before any other objects are created by the application.
    • onApplicationEnd

      void onApplicationEnd(ApplicationEvent evt)
      Final application event that occurs before the application is terminated by the server process.
    • onApplicationAvailableForService

      void onApplicationAvailableForService(ApplicationEvent evt)
      Triggered when the application is activated to receive external requests.
    • onApplicationUnavailableForService

      void onApplicationUnavailableForService(ApplicationEvent evt)
      Triggered when the application is taken offline. When an application is taken offline, all requests to the application will be denied.