@Version("2.1") package
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    EncodingUtils provides various methods for manipulating and retrieving information related to charsets, locales, and other encoding data.
    Interface provided by containers that will handle requests from the HTTP dispatcher.
    HTTP cookie object, similar to the J2EE servlet cookie object.
    Class to handle formatting and parsing of dates in the various allowed HTTP formats.
    Representation of an inbound HTTP connection that the dispatcher will provide to containers.
    Representation of an HTTP request message provided by the dispatcher to any HTTP container.
    Representation of an HTTP response message provided by the dispatcher to any HTTP container.
    SSL information available for an HTTP connection.
    This class provides static/stateless utility methods for scrubbing URLs for safe use in error messages.
    Representation of a VirtualHost
    An implementer of the VirtualHostListener interface registers as a service in the service registry, and is then notified when context roots are added and removed from a virtual host.
    Implementations of this service can override the default branding and information applied to Open Liberty.
    Work classification Used to classify a piece of inbound work and setup the execution environment.