Class CacheFeatureSupport


public abstract class CacheFeatureSupport extends Object
This abstract class is used to indicate the features that are supported by a cache provider. Functionality such as servlet caching, JSP, webservices, command cache, DistributedMap and DistributedNioMap checks with this class before invoking a particular function.

Methods need to be extended by CacheProviders for each of the features listed below. All cache providers other than the default (Dynacache) will return false for ALL the methods in this abstract class. In subsequent releases of WebSphere, CacheProviders may be allowed to support the features listed below.

  • Constructor Details

    • CacheFeatureSupport

      public CacheFeatureSupport()
  • Method Details

    • isAliasSupported

      public abstract boolean isAliasSupported()
      Indicates if the cache alias ID is supported.
      true - the cache alias feature is supported.
    • isReplicationSupported

      public abstract boolean isReplicationSupported()
      Indicates if WebSphere Data Replication Services (DRS) style cache replication is supported.
      true - the cache replication feature is support.
    • isDiskCacheSupported

      public abstract boolean isDiskCacheSupported()
      Indicates if WebSphere disk cache feature is supported.
      true - the disk cache feature is support.