Class PropagationHelper


public class PropagationHelper extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • PropagationHelper

      public PropagationHelper()
  • Method Details

    • getAccessTokenType

      public static String getAccessTokenType()
      Get the type of access token which the runAsSubject authenticated
      the Type of Token, such as: Bearer. If failed, a null is returned
    • getAccessTokenExpirationTime

      public static long getAccessTokenExpirationTime()
      Get the approximate expiration time of the access_token It adds the expires_in(seconds) to the time the process gets the access_token. The access_token could be invalid or revoked by the OP.
      the expiration time of the access_token. If failed, 0 is returned
    • getAccessToken

      public static String getAccessToken()
      the access token. If failed, a null is returned
    • getScopes

      public static String getScopes()
      return all granted scopes separated by a space. If failed, a null is returned
    • getIdToken

      public static getIdToken()
      Id Token. If failed, a null is returned
    • getUserInfo

      public static String getUserInfo()
      Retrieve userInfo information from an OpenIdConnect provider's userInfo endpoint for an authenticated user.
      the userInfo as a String or null if the info is not available or invalid.