Interface ClassSource_MappedSimple.SimpleClassProvider

Enclosing interface:

public static interface ClassSource_MappedSimple.SimpleClassProvider
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()

      Answer a name for this provider. The name is used logging and is intended to be meaningful and easy to read.

      A friendly name for this simple class provider.
    • getResourceNames

      Collection<String> getResourceNames()

      Answer the resource names of this provider. No order is presumed for the names, however, this may be supplied by an implementation.

      The values must be proper class resource names. Any mapping of the names must be internal to the provider.

      The paths supplied by this simple class provider.
    • openResource

      InputStream openResource(String resourceName) throws IOException

      Answer an input stream for a specified resource. The path is expected to be one supplied by getResourceNames().

      The result input stream must be closed.

      resourceName - The resource to open as an input stream.
      The input stream for the resource.
      IOException - Thrown if the stream could not be opened.