Interface ExtensionFactory

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public interface ExtensionFactory
Extension factories are registered with the Webcontainer/WebcontainerService as providers of handlers (ExtensionProcessors) for generic URL patterns. Any request for resources that match the supplied URL pattern (except in the case where there already exists a more specific pattern and matching target (possibly supplied by the application assembler), will be routed to the ExtensionProcessor supplied by the Factory.
  • Method Details

    • createExtensionProcessor

      ExtensionProcessor createExtensionProcessor(IServletContext webapp) throws Exception
      webapp - - The WebApp that the created ExtensionProcessor should be associated with
      An instance of WebExtensionProcessor which will be associated with the URL patterns that this factory is associated with, and has the capability of handling requests.
      Exception - The creation process can throw any kind of exception, and it will be caught and logged by the webcontainer This method will be called by the container during initialization. A WebExtensionFactory typically furnishes a single type of WebExtensionProcessor, a singleton in most cases.
    • getPatternList

      List getPatternList()
      The list of all the URI patterns that the WebExtensionProcessors created by this factory will handle. This method will be called by the webcontainer while setting up its internal URL routing datastructures. Patters supplied in this list should be in accord with the allowable patterns specified in the Java Servlet Specification (under URL patterns).