Class ApplicationNotStartedException

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public class ApplicationNotStartedException extends RuntimeException
The ApplicationNotStartedException is thrown by the Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) container when an attempt is made to access either an EJB instance or EJB home before the application is fully started and on a thread different from the one being used to start the application. The only EJB work that is allowed during application start processing is work being performed for startup Singleton beans or legacy IBM startup beans.

Note: An ApplicationNotStartedException would not be returned directly to an application, but would be nested within the appropriate exception required by the EJB Specification for the type of EJB access being attempted. For example, an attempt to use a reference to an EJB local business interface would result in a jakarta.ejb.NoSuchEJBException.

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  • Constructor Details

    • ApplicationNotStartedException

      public ApplicationNotStartedException()
      Constructs a new ApplicationNotStartedException; no message.
    • ApplicationNotStartedException

      public ApplicationNotStartedException(String detailMessage)
      Constructs a new ApplicationNotStartedException with the specified detail message.