@Version("1.0.0") package
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    Use DistributedMap to store and manage objects in cache.
    The CacheAdmin MBean defines the management interface to retrieve usage statistics for a server's DynaCache (also known as the Distributed Map).
    A CacheEntry is a struct object that holds the cache ID and value, as well as metadata for caching.
    An event object that provides information about the source of cache-related events.
    Implement this interface to receive the ChangeEvent notifications.
    This class provides applications with an extended java.util.Map interface to access the WebSphere Dynamic Cache, allowing inspection and manipulation of the cache.
    The DistributedNioMap is a high performance map specifically designed for storing java.nio.Buffer objects.
    Implement this interface in your cacheable object before placing it into cache if you need to get control at the time the object is being removed from cache.
    Abstract class implementing DistributedMap and DistributedNioMap.
    This class provides applications with access to the Dynamic Cache, allowing programmatic inspection and manipulation of WebSphere's cache.
    EntryInfo and FragmentInfo objects contain metadata for caching and are attached to each cache entry.
    An event object that provides information about the source of cache-related event.
    The listener interface for removing cache entry from the cache.
    Pre-invalidation listener interface used for selectively overriding invalidation events.
    All the objects put into the cache must implement this interface if the application wants to control the size of a cache instance in terms of heapsize.