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Open Liberty beta is Jakarta EE 9.1 compatible

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Jared Anderson on May 26, 2021
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This blog post serves as a follow-up to my last blog post about Open Liberty’s support of Jakarta EE 9.0. Over the last several months, the Jakarta EE community has updated the Jakarta EE 9 TCK to enable it to use either Java SE 8 or Java SE 11. This new version of the TCK was the bulk of the work required to complete the Jakarta EE 9.1 specification. Java SE 11 support in the TCK makes it possible to validate whether an application server that uses Java SE 11 is compatible with the Jakarta EE 9 specification.

The Jakarta EE 9.1 specification was made available this week. On day one of this new release, Open Liberty is one of the vendor implementations used to ratify the specification. The Open Liberty product is compatible for both the Jakarta EE 9.1 Web Profile and Platform specifications using both Java SE 8 and Java SE 11. What is most notable is that Open Liberty was ahead of the curve for Jakarta EE 9.1. The Open Liberty beta version that was tested with the 9.1 TCK is the same version that was marked compatible for the Jakarta EE 9.0 specification. As I stated in my previous blog post, Jakarta EE 9.1 support was anticipated due to Open Liberty’s support of Java SE 11 for over two years.

Since my last blog post, more resources are available to help you make the transition to Jakarta EE 9. A blog post with detailed instructions on using the Eclipse Transformer was created a few months ago to help guide you when updating your applications to work with Jakarta EE 9. Also, this presentation provides more details about Jakarta EE 9 and Open Liberty, including a live demo of using the Eclipse Transformer to update your applications and server configurations without doing any manual changes to source or configuration.