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MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and Open Liberty at JCON-Online 2021

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Grace Jansen on Sep 30, 2021
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Despite the global pandemic and general chaos of this year, many amazing developer events and conferences are still taking place virtually, bringing the developer community together once more. One such event that will use a digital format to bring together the international Java community is JCON-Online. The great part is, it’s free for all JUG (Java User Group) members!

Several members of the Open Liberty team will be joining JCON-Online 2021 on 5-8 October. If you’re also going to be there, deciding which of the great talks to see at JCON looks like it could be a challenge. So we’ve put together a helpful summary of the sessions on MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and Open Liberty.

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Talks at JCON 2021

A selection of MicroProfile and Open Liberty talks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Tuesday 5th
Wednesday 6th
  • Exploring Stateful Microservices built with Open Liberty in Kubernetes

    Chicago JUG’s Mary Grygleski explores a tried and true, enterprise-grade, Java open source stack: Open Liberty in Kubernetes, a modern server solution that epitomizes all the elements needed to build, run and deploy an efficient production system today. Mary will examine and demonstrate the fundamentals of such a system that’s built with Open Liberty in Kubernetes, including: Microservices/REST API, Concurrency, Stateful vs Stateless and Deployment.

  • RESTful Java: 2021 edition

    Open Liberty’s Andrew McCright will compare and contrast several popular Java APIs and frameworks for creating and consuming RESTful services. He’ll cover when and where some APIs make more sense than others and some basic architecture practices to facilitate porting between different frameworks.

Thursday 7th
  • Landscape of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE

    Open Liberty’s YK Chang and Kathryn Kodama will examine the tools that are available to make your life easier as you code MicroProfile and Jakarta EE-based applications. These tools help developers throughout the development lifecycle, from creating a new application, working with compatible runtimes and your favourite editor, to testing your application.

  • Thriving in the cloud: Going beyond the 12 factors

    In this session, Open Liberty’s Grace Jansen will dive into the extended and updated 15 factors needed to build cloud-native applications that are able to thrive in the cloud, and she’ll take a look at the open source technologies and tools that can help us achieve this.

  • MicroProfile 4.0 and beyond

    Emily Jiang will discuss how MicroProfile has evolved to become a standard body for developing cloud-native APIs. She’ll bring you up to date with the new features in MicroProfile 4.0 with a live demo and briefly discuss what is next for this open source project. Come to this session to get yourself updated with the latest news on MicroProfile.

Workshops at JCON 2021

If you’re interested in attending the 'Big workshop day' on Friday 8th:

Here’s a couple of talks about MicroProfile and Jakarta EE by others contributing to the these fantastic open-source projects:

And finally, for those intersted in talks in languages other than English on these topics, check out the following session in German:

You can find the full schedule on the conference website.