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Liberty Tools, Maven plugin, and Gradle plugin updates for Java developers

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YK Chang on Jul 12, 2023
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Fast iterative development with Liberty Tools

Liberty Tools 23.0.6 are now available for Java developers to write cloud-native applications with Liberty.

Liberty Tools support popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio Code, and IntelliJ IDEA, allowing developers to focus on their code and rapidly iterate by using Liberty’s dev mode in their preferred IDE. Moreover, Liberty Tools provide editing assistance for developers to easily make changes to the Liberty configuration files, and coding assistance for writing applications that use Jakarta EE (9.x and later) and MicroProfile (3.x and later) APIs.

Learn more about Liberty Tools and download them from different IDE marketplaces:

Please share your feedback and what you would like to see in future releases by opening issues in the GitHub repositories for Liberty Tools for Eclipse IDE, Liberty Tools for Visual Studio Code, and Liberty Tools for IntelliJ IDEA.

Easily build, package, and run applications with Liberty Maven & Gradle plugins

Liberty build plugins enable developers to easily build and package their applications to run on Liberty using the popular Java build tools, Maven and Gradle. It’s always recommended to use the latest versions of these build plugins to ensure you have the most recent fixes and enhancements, Liberty Maven Plugin 3.8.2 and Liberty Gradle Plugin 3.6.2. For example, in Liberty Gradle Plugin 3.6, we added support for Gradle 8.x. For more information, see Liberty Maven Plugin release notes and Liberty Gradle Plugin release notes.

To use Liberty Maven Plugin 3.8.2, specify the following configuration in your Maven build file:


To use Liberty Gradle Plugin 3.6.2, specify the following configuration in your Gradle build file:

apply plugin: 'liberty'

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath ''

If you have requests or run into problems, create new issues in the GitHub repositories for Liberty Maven Plugin and Liberty Gradle Plugin.

Contribute to Open Liberty and leave your mark

Like the Open Liberty runtime itself, Liberty Tools, Liberty Maven Plugin, and Liberty Gradle Plugin are open source and are developed under the OpenLiberty organization on GitHub. You are welcome to contribute directly and make Liberty even better!

Take a look at the code, grab an issue, and send in a pull request: