server status command

Checks to see whether the specified server is running.

Usage examples

Determine whether the myserver server in running:

server status myserver


Run the command from the path_to_liberty/bin directory.

server status serverName

The name of the server to run the command against.

Exit codes

The following exit codes are available for the server status command and the equivalent executable JAR file ws-server.jar:


OK. 0 indicates successful completion of the requested operation.


1 indicates invocation of a redundant operation, such as starting a started server or stopping a stopper server. 1 might also be returned if the JVM options that were used are not valid.


5 indicates that the server status is unknown. For example, the workarea directory is missing or the Attach API fails to work.


Exit codes greater than or equal to 20 indicate that an error occurred while performing the request. Messages are printed and captured in log files with more information about the error.