Executor Management (executor)

Defines settings for the Liberty kernel default executor. Note that there is always one and exactly one default executor, for use by the Liberty runtime only and not directly accessible by applications. Applications that need to configure and utilize executors should instead use Managed Executors.





Baseline or minimum number of threads to associate with the executor. The number of threads associated with the executor will quickly grow to this number. If this value is less than 0, a default value is used, calculated based on the number of hardware threads on the system. If the value is a positive number less than 4, then a default value of 4 is used.




Maximum number of threads that can be associated with the executor. If greater than 0, maxThreads can be a minimum of 4, and should be at least as large as coreThreads; if maxThreads is set less than coreThreads, Liberty will reduce coreThreads to the maxThreads value. If the value of maxThreads is less than or equal to 0, the maximum number of threads is unbounded, which lets the Liberty kernel decide how many threads to associate with the executor without having a defined upper boundary.



Default Executor

The name of the Liberty kernel default executor.