Class WebContainer


public class WebContainer extends
This class enables users to get at an instance (singleton) of the WebContainer so that they can delegate request processing. The webcontainer returned is the single instance (per JVM) of the runtime container that handles Servlets, JSP, and all registered ExtensionProcessors.
  • Method Details

    • getURIEncoding

      public String getURIEncoding()
    • getWebContainer

      public static WebContainer getWebContainer()
      The instance of the WebContainer Call this method to get at an instance of the WebContainer
    • handleRequest

      public void handleRequest(IRequest req, IResponse res) throws Exception
      Specified by:
      handleRequest in class
      req -
      res -
      Exception - Call this method to force the webcontainer to handle the request. The request should have enough information in it for the webcontainer to handle the request.
    • registerExtensionFactory

      public static void registerExtensionFactory(ExtensionFactory fac)
      fac - The factory that provides ExtensionProcessors which the webcontainer will leverage to handle requests. Register an extension factory with this webcontainer
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    • getWebContainerProperties

      public static Properties getWebContainerProperties()
      The additional/custom properties configured for this webcontainer
    • getWebContainerConfig

      public WebContainerConfig getWebContainerConfig()
    • isCollaboratorEnabled

      public boolean isCollaboratorEnabled(String type)
    • setServletCachingInitNeeded

      public void setServletCachingInitNeeded(boolean bool)
    • isCachingEnabled

      public boolean isCachingEnabled()
    • getPlatformHelper

      public IPlatformHelper getPlatformHelper()
    • getKeySize

      public Integer getKeySize(String cipherSuite)
    • getExtClassLoader

      public ClassLoader getExtClassLoader()
    • getNls

      public static getNls()
    • setWebContainerStopping

      public void setWebContainerStopping(boolean isStopped)
    • decrementNumRequests

      public void decrementNumRequests()