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Meet our open source champions: Diane Chalmers, Project Manager

Diane is a Project Management Professional who has been working with development teams on several application modernization tools, including the WebSphere Migration Toolkit, IBM Mono2Micro, and Transformation Advisor. She is also involved in several WebSphere & Liberty Community efforts, including the WebSphere User Group (WUG) Roadshows and the IBM Expert TV show App Transformers- More than meets the eye.

MicroProfile 5, MicroProfile Rest Client 3.0 and JPA enhancements in Open Liberty

Open Liberty offers MicroProfile 5.0 including MicroProfile Rest Client 3.0, which align with Jakarta EE 9.1. Also available in this beta release is an enhancement to JPA which provides the ability to declare "default" JPA persistence properties.

Jakarta EE 9.1 support and configurable response headers in Open Liberty

Jakarta EE 9.1 support is now available as part of Open Liberty, alongside configurable response headers, which offer more granular control over response headers! Several significant bug fixes are also part of this release.

Meet our open source champions: Gilbert Kwan, Open Liberty Guides Lead

Gilbert Kwan is an advisory software engineer at the Toronto laboratory of IBM Canada and the team lead for Open Liberty guides development.

A day out in London at the Red Hat Connect Summit

Demonstrations of open cloud-native Java technologies by the Open Liberty team at Red Hat Connect Summit in London.

Meet our open source champions: Monica Tamboli, Quality Assurance Warrior

Monica Tamboli is System Verification Test (SVT) Team Lead for WebSphere Hybrid Edition, which includes Open Liberty and various application modernization tools. She is also involved in testing operational and application modernization using tools like Transformation Advisor and Mono2Micro.

Meet our open source champions: Andy McCright, Web Services Architect

Andy is a Web Services Architect who enjoys open source software and contributes to many projects, including Open Liberty, Apache CXF, RESTEasy, JAX-RS, and MicroProfile.

Older Posts

MicroProfile features supports MicroProfile 5.0 features to align with Jakarta EE 9.1 and support for multiple applications in MicroProfile OpenAPI in

Config variables using Kubernetes secrets, installation of user features, and more exciting enhancements in Open Liberty

A Fun Cup of Joe - Find Out Why Open Liberty is Your Next Cloud Native Java Runtime

Meet our open-source champions: Kathryn Kodama, Developer Experience Champion

MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, Open Liberty, and Java at EclipseCon 2021

Meet our open-source champions: Harry Hoots III, Kernel Champion

Configurable Response Headers and more exciting new features in Open Liberty

Java 17 support and a number of significant bug fixes in Open Liberty

MicroProfile, Jakarta EE and Open Liberty at JCON-Online 2021

Liberty Bikes: a microservices-based game built on Open Liberty

Java concurrency: fixing races with AtomicReference

Bind an operator-managed PostgreSQL database to a JPA application in a Kubernetes cluster

Cloud-native development of Gradle-built applications with the Open Liberty devfile stack

Meet our open-source champions: Kevin Sutter, JakartaEE Advocate

Fast iterative development of multi-module Maven projects with dev mode

Java 17 early access support, JWE support for access and ID tokens, MicroProfile Context Propagation 1.3, and more in Open Liberty

MicroProfile 4.1, Transaction Peer Recovery, a new logging format and lots more in Open Liberty

Introducing the Open Liberty Starter!

Run true-to-production tests on your OpenLiberty applications using MicroShed testing [Continued on]

New important bug fixes in Open Liberty and a new home for OpenJ9 Java Builds

Endpoint activation monitoring and more now available on Open Liberty

Interactive developer guides running in the cloud

MicroProfile 4.1 plus more exciting features now in Open Liberty

A number of significant bug fixes in Open Liberty

Deploying Jakarta EE 9 applications to Open Liberty [Continued on]

Deploy Open Liberty apps onto Kubernetes using Eclipse JKube [Continued on]

Finding the Open Liberty fix pack from a GitHub issue

Request Timing Metrics plus a number of significant bug fixes in Open Liberty

Database connections with TLS

Open Liberty beta is Jakarta EE 9.1 compatible

Testing Jakarta EE 9 Applications with Arquillian and Open Liberty [Continued on]

Request Timing Metrics and new Jakarta EE9 support in Open Liberty

LDAP user registry authentication and JAX-RS multipart payloads new in Open Liberty

Moving to Antora, an open source solution for Open Liberty docs

Faster startup in Open Liberty dev mode with Eclipse OpenJ9 0.26.0

Admin Center: a GUI for Open Liberty

Admin Center, MicroProfile Context Propagation 1.2, and lots more exciting enhancements in Open Liberty

Building Multipart payloads for JAX-RS client and services in Open Liberty

Cloud-native development with the Open Liberty devfile stack and Minikube

MicroProfile Config 2.0

MicroProfile JSON Web Token 1.2

MicroProfile Rest Client 2.0 - First Look

LDAP connection support for Kerberos authentication in Open Liberty

A Deep Dive into MicroProfile 4.0 with Open Liberty

MicroProfile 4.0 support now available in Open Liberty

Enabling Jakarta EE 9 for development and test by using the Eclipse Transformer

Open Liberty as a learning tool for university projects

Open Liberty beta is Jakarta EE 9 compatible

Using Open Liberty and MicroProfile to power the RealWorld Conduit Application

Deploying an Open Liberty application to OpenShift with FIPS enabled

MicroProfile Context Propagation 1.2, RequestTiming 1.0 and JakartaMail 2.0 in Open Liberty

Specify hostnames, wildcards, or IP segments for hosts that are allowed to send private HTTP headers in Open Liberty

Dev mode with container support in Liberty Maven and Gradle Plug-ins

Forwarding Open Liberty logs in OpenShift to Splunk by using the Log Forwarding API

Enabling IBM WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty on Azure Red Hat OpenShift [Continued on]

MicroProfile Long Running Actions in Open Liberty

With Jakarta Batch and XML Web Services features, all Jakarta EE 9 features now available in Open Liberty

Timed JWT payloads and HTTP redirect improvements with Open Liberty

Develop cloud-native Java applications directly in OpenShift with Open Liberty and odo

Get a jump on Jakarta EE9 with Open Liberty Beta [Continued on]

Improving user experience with custom access logs

MicroProfile Rest Client 2.0, using Kubernetes secrets in Liberty variables and more Jakarta EE 9 features in Open Liberty

Support for gRPC, Java SE 15, and Custom JNDI for Enterprise Beans (EJBs) in Open Liberty

Application servers 101

JAX-RS and Open Liberty: BYO Jackson

More MicroProfile 4.0 previews, MicroProfile LRA, and more Jakarta EE 9 features in Open Liberty

Kerberos authentication and Thanos support in Grafana dashboards with Open Liberty

Microservice performance that saves you money

MicroProfile Language Server Support for Open Liberty applications

MicroProfile OpenAPI 2.0 preview plus new features and loads of improvements for Jakarta EE 9 in Open Liberty

Install a signed certificate with Automatic Certificate Management Environment Support 2.0 in Open Liberty

With our new reactive guides, that makes 50!

Deploy and configure Jaeger for distributed tracing on OpenShift

Pre-populating database connections for better response times in the cloud

Securing Open Liberty applications with Azure Active Directory using OpenID Connect

Develop Open Liberty apps in IntelliJ with dev mode

New features for MicroProfile 4.0 and more Jakarta EE 9 features in Open Liberty beta

Quicker, easier GraphQL queries with Open Liberty

Fast iterative development with Open Liberty dev mode and containers (Tech Preview)

More Jakarta EE 9 features and gRPC support in Open Liberty beta

Customize HTTP access log fields in JSON logs and write JSON directly to system.out without wrapping on Open Liberty

New simple timer metric with MicroProfile Metrics 2.3

Jakarta EE 9 data source access and transactions in Open Liberty beta

Disable default LTPA cookies for TAI/SPNEGO or default JWT cookies for JWT SSO on Open Liberty

Get started securing a simple Java microservice with Keycloak, MicroProfile, and Open Liberty [Continued on]

Jakarta EE beta on Open Liberty

Have it your way with MicroProfile GraphQL!

Support for GraphQL with Open Liberty

Asynchronous programming made resilient with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance: Part 2

Asynchronous programming made resilient with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance: Part 1

How to analyze Open Liberty Logs with Splunk

Send Log4j 2 logs to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform EFK stack

Updates to EJB persistent timers coordination and failover across servers is now available on Open Liberty

Fast setup of a Java microservice project with MicroProfile Starter [Continued on]

Faster responses with HTTP response compression on Open Liberty

Get alerts from your Open Liberty apps in Slack using Prometheus Alertmanager in RHOCP 4.3

MicroProfile 3.3 is now available on Open Liberty

Generate MicroProfile REST client code to send requests to other microservices

Setting the SameSite attribute on cookies with Open Liberty

Introduction to Open Liberty [Continued on]

Access specific properties in Kafka messages and set the SameSite attribute on cookies in Open Liberty

Rapid application development with Gradle and dev mode on Open Liberty

Jakarta EE 8 CRUD API Tutorial using Java 11 [Continued on]

A preview of MicroProfile 3.3 on Open Liberty

Faster start-up for Java applications on Open Liberty with CRIU snapshots

Open Liberty in Docker on a Raspberry Pi

Get alerts from your Open Liberty apps in Slack using Prometheus Alertmanager

New Kibana dashboard visualizations to spot potential problems in your Liberty servers

Use Red Hat OpenShift's built-in OAuth server as an authentication provider in Open Liberty

Modernizing Java EE apps to cloud-native with MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, and Open Liberty

Infinispan 10 support for distributed in-memory HttpSession caching

Migrating our apps to microservices on Open Liberty

MicroProfile 3.2 is now available on Open Liberty

Adding custom fields to JSON logs in Open Liberty

Dev mode support in Liberty Maven Plug-in 3.1

Open Liberty dev mode with VS Code

Diagnose slow requests more easily with improved request logging in Open Liberty

Faster startup time for Open Liberty

Running Scala microservices on Open Liberty and Kubernetes

Open Liberty development mode

Dev mode in Open Liberty, and other developer experience enhancements

Configure server logs in JSON format to simplify dashboards on Open Liberty

Build a REST API with role-based authorization using Java, MicroProfile, and JWT [Continued on]

Testing database connections in Open Liberty apps with REST APIs

Sending and receiving messages between microservices with MicroProfile Reactive Messaging

Reactive messaging between microservices with MicroProfile on Open Liberty

Open Liberty is Jakarta EE 8 compatible

Twelve Factor App best practices in microservices with MicroProfile and Kubernetes

Securing Open Liberty apps and microservices with MicroProfile JWT and Social Media login

Minimise turnaround times with Open Liberty's dev mode [Continued on]

MicroProfile Context Propagation in Open Liberty

Enhanced concurrency capabilities with MicroProfile Context Propagation on Open Liberty

Migrating applications from MicroProfile Metrics 1.x to MicroProfile Metrics 2.0

MicroProfile 3.0 with improved developer experience on Open Liberty

Hostname verification with SSL on Open Liberty and MicroProfile Rest Client 1.3 preview

OpenJDK 11 updates on Open Liberty and beta status PostgreSQL support

Jakarta EE and the great naming debate

Reactive programming in microservices with MicroProfile on Open Liberty

JAX-RS 2.1 reactive extensions with RxJava Backpressure

Why you probably don't need to tune the Open Liberty thread pool

MicroProfile 2.2: Improving the developer experience of writing cloud-native Java microservices on Open Liberty

Improved developer experience and MicroProfile integration for MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2

Easy integration testing for Java EE and MicroProfile applications with Testcontainers

Support for sharding keys with JDBC 4.3 in

MicroProfile and Open Liberty at DevNexus 2019 in Atlanta

Access any version of MongoDB with Open Liberty using CDI

Open Liberty and Java 11

Java SE 11 and new four-weekly release schedule in Open Liberty

New 4-weekly release schedule with Open Liberty

Asynchronous REST with JAX-RS and MicroProfile

HTTP Forwarded and X-Forwarded-* header support

MicroProfile 2.1, reactive extensions, and connection pool metrics in

What's new with REST in Open Liberty in 2018?

Enhancements to distributed tracing in microservices with MicroProfile 2.1 (and more)

Maximise log history on Open Liberty in production

MicroProfile – The Natural Evolution for Microservices Development

Meet us at Oracle Code One and EclipseCon Europe

Monitor faults with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1

Get more metrics from your apps with MicroProfile 2.0 on Open Liberty

Dynamically update your microservice configuration

Build and push Spring Boot Docker images with boost-maven-plugin

What's next for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE?

Installing features from Maven dependencies in Open Liberty

Creating Dual Layer Docker images for Spring Boot apps

Optimizing Spring Boot apps for Docker

Get full Java EE 8 in Open Liberty

Writing Java microservices with MicroProfile 1.3

Introducing MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0

JCache session persistence

Enable distributed tracing of microservices with MicroProfile 1.3 (and more) in Open Liberty

Introducing MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0

How does Open Liberty Tools decide what features your application needs?

Bring your own JSF implementation to Open Liberty

Open Liberty Spring Boot Starter

MicroProfile 1.2 and build tools updates in our first Open Liberty release

JavaOne sessions from the Open Liberty team

Open Sourcing Liberty

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